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Sergeant Sparrow Logo Infringement

It has recently come to our attention that a brew company is using the likeness of our logo and brand for their own company. This is a formal declaration that this has been our logo since 2009 and we do not approve of its likeness or name use in any form other than within Sergeant Sparrow. Original artwork for logo icon by Heather Bailey. Logo, brand, and name by Angel Russell as written in our copyright statement 2009-2017


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Franconia Notch by Scott Carpenter

Franconia Notch

The woes of the night I should have heeded;
Their portents of the ‘morrow were all that was needed.
Yet careless I lay, and sleepless did stray,
To mysterious fears which no thought could allay.

So I whittled the night, in those hours so late,
Like a fool unsuspecting in the hands of his fate.
And the shadows did dance and the ravens did pray;
There was something amiss in that absence of day.

In the morning I rose with a new kind of taste–
A thirst, a desire, to be quenched with great haste.
I assembled the tools, and neglected the rules,
Which to me seemed mere guidelines for fools!

I must have been driven, looking back on that week.
But what–what end to a means did I seek?
Both wonders and evils did that night so entail,
And I caution…but never mind! and on with the tale!

I was many times lost, and more often confounded,
But such was my passion that I always rebounded.
Yet such was my glee, it came with a fee,
And ambition right then did all but desert me.

Like many a project abandoned in plight,
Or endeavor turned sour in the span of one night,
As did mine in the even’ing gloom,
Consign me in deed to inglorious doom.

I saw what I’d done; I saw my creation.
‘Twas a frightening thing that erased all elation:
The longer it seethed, the more steam it breathed,
With all the more fire was its armor enwreathed!

‘Twas then I perceived what a fool I had been,
As I found myself standing at the mouth of the den.
Within lay the beast, in the fury and flame,
Whom I’d nurtured and fed, and regarded so tame!

Should you ever conspire to plot your demise,
I trust that your fate won’t be a surprise,
As was mine on that most twisted of nights,
When I fought off a doom I’d conceived in delight.

Now here let me say, and say to you briefly,
What I did just then, and caution you chiefly,
Of the haunt of a ghost who keeps nightly his watch–
The loser of the battle of Franconia Notch.

I steeled my nerves; I prepared the attack;
I bent my knees; I drew my hand back.
“Fiery demon, your undoing’s a’comin!”
And I removed the pasta from the oven.

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Featured Artist of the Week: The Lake and the Lion

-Angel Russell
Americana folk rock band The Lake and The Lion released their first release earlier this year in April on Get Better! Records/Emfur Music Productions, called Dark Wood, Dark Water. Recorded in one day in a little studio in Jaffrey, NH. You can hear the spontaneity in the tracks and the essence of their live sound. George Barber is the head of the band, originally from Cape Cod and currently living in Keene, NH. What began as a solo project turned into The Lake and the Lion. George’s songwriting is straightforward and heartfelt with each band member adding a bit of their own flair. Band members include: Andrew Hodgdon on Cello, Chris Clark on Drums, Joe McConaughy on Viola, Andrew Johnson on Guitar, Owen Davis on Bass, Chris Foster on Horn/ Accordion, Hannah Gagnon on Keys. Their album reminds me of winter in New England, scarfs and hats, coats and frosty breath. You want to wrap yourself up real tight put your headphones on and brace yourself before you head outside. This is the band I’d listen to as I stepped out. You can buy their whole album for only six dollars from their bandcamp. This is definitely a band to watch, I’m excited to see what they do next.

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Featured Artist of the Week: John Grant

– Angel Russell
John Grant came to song writing a little later than a lot of musicians. An American native, he grew up singing in church choirs and playing the piano, but he devoted his time at 18 to learning Russian and German and getting a translation certificate. After some time in Germany and a brief stint in a choir there, someone told him he should sing. He returned to the US started a band (that has since broken up) called The Czars. After their demise he went on to complete his project Queen of Denmark released on April 19, 2010 through the Bella Union label. In May 2010 Mojo magazine gave the album the “Instant Classic” award and that December chose it as the best album of 2010. Over a year later it’s impact remains. Here is a video by Ewan Jones Morris for John Grant’s song “I Wanna Go to Marz”.

“I Wanna Go to Marz” by John Grant from Ewan Jones Morris on Vimeo.

Featured Artist of the Week: Captain Nowhere

Featured Artist of the Week: Captain Nowhere
-Ron Trembath
Captain Nowhere is most likely from another planet. Or at the very least, another time in history. This San Jose, CA based pyschedilic mastermind bends and weaves through the insanity and immortality of open space jams. There couldn’t be a better description of a Captain Nowhere listening experience than how his fabulous, label Idiomism Records ( stated: “Recommended Optimum Listening: Alone, loud, late at night, with a bottle of wine and a smoke”.

Featured Artist of the Week: Wyatt

Featured Artist of the Week: Wyatt
-Ron Trembath

Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Maddy Wyatt has been charming the skinny jeans off of folk fans for a while now. She made a great splash back in ’08 with her ode to then presidential candidate Barack Obama entitled “Man For Me (Ode To Barack)”. And the years have truly been nothing but fantastic to her. With what started as a simple progression in her solo career, she managed to spawn the group simply known as Wyatt. With two of her brothers Paul and Alex Wyatt, as well as bassist Zach lane and keyboardist Dana Hayes, Maddy has found her beloved sound transformed into a much fuller and well orchestrated version than she previously knew. And with an EP, full length album, and a Southwest tour under their belts this year alone, the world of upbeat indie folk will soon be turned completely around in a wonderful way for many years to come.