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A.N.O. Underground Hip Hop From Virginia

1622806_10152316720893013_1797926157_n an underground hip hop artist native to Virginia. A.N.O. stands for Ain’t No Other. He has been in the hip hop scene for 16 years, raps, produces most of his tracks, and plays his own instruments. His current album is called, “Never Really Broke.” In it his beats are slow and simple. His samples blend well with the mellow tone of his laid back rapping style. Lyrical themes revolve around self exploration and A.N.O.’s life experience. The sound of his tracks will resonate well with people who listen to chill electronic jams and hip hop. You don’t necessarily have to be into rap to enjoy “Never Really Broke.” Outside of his current solo project A.N.O. has been in 3 hip hop groups including Dynasty of Madness, Cosanokestra, and The Hard Hittaz. He has also started an ongoing tour called The Outer Circle.

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