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Featured Artist: Wep One & Timmo


Now available on Hello.L.A., a France based art label created by Bertrand Blanchard, Turn From the Grave by Wep One & Timmo, is an complex and interesting album which combines electronic, Hip Hop, and Metal into an explosive buffet of sound. The seven song collection is a co-production between U.S. based electronic musician and rapper, Wep One, and Timmo, a Japan based electronic musician and producer.  The two collaborated over the internet and have not met in person, although you wouldn’t guess that by listening to Turn From the Grave.

The album  begins with “Compound 47” a gritty mix of Wep’s vocals, static synths, and phased guitars, with minimal to sparse drums underlying the melee. Wep one’s lyrical mastery harkens to the most hardened of hip hop artists laced with a growl of wolf like mastery. The electronic samples and synths add an ethereal and alien soundscape with a futuristic quality. This could be hip hop circa 2062, sent back through a time portal. The second track “Turn From the Grave” starts with a robotic pulse sweeping the listener along into an interstellar starship dance party with robot DJ’s and Captain Wep leading the rabble rousers with his command of vocal form. “Imprint” the third song continues the galactic dance party and was co-produced along with Timmo and Wep by KaeoFLUX . The rest of the album continues along these lines and never ceases to be an interesting integration of sonic fortitude.

This is for hip-hop fans and electronic music fans alike, and even those who are tired of the same old thing. This album is certainly breaking new ground in electronic music and hip hop. Ready for something new? You’ve found it. You’re welcome.


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Wep One






TJ Doyle: On The Horizon

His imagination’s life blood is built of trees, blades of grass, the song of the nearest sparrow, the chirp of a cricket, and the rush of a field mouse. TJ Doyle is at peace in his surroundings, nature being the heartbeat behind his song. In addition to a natural setting, his influences stem from speaking the mind of his generation in a colloquial manner with no bunkum in tow. In his new album On The Horizon, his song writing is seamless, his voice is classic, timeless, modern, smooth, and rough, soft and real, and just undefinable. His connection with nature helps him listen, watch, wait, and breath peace, which transposes onto his score. The sonic transitions are as fluid as a river floating on clay bedrock, pulling up bits of rock along the way, with all the rushes of the great whites to the calm down the way. There is something for everyone in On The Horizon. Classic Rock fans, Indie hipsters, and even the melodramatic folk supporter will find a connection. TJ Doyle brings the the poet’s voice from the 60’s to the modern era. He absorbs our longing, our pain, and our intrigue and lays it bare, and in doing so show’s us that we are all connected, just as the field meets the sky On The Horizon.





Whiskey N’ Rye: Sick Soul Summertime

Set to release this summer, Sick Soul Summertime, is the new album by Whiskey N’ Rye a gritty Rock band birthed out of the rainy city of Seattle. Whiskey N’ Rye’s meteoric rise began in 2013 with their first album and hard rocking live shows around some of the countries best venues and festivals. The five piece with members, Philip Lindholm, Guitar, singer/songwriter and producer, Carson Dent on drums, Marco Longo on Keyboards, Greg Pascale on lead guitar, and Alex Atwood on Bass. The album Sick Soul Summertime is Americana, Blues, and Rock based full of down home grit and guitars with an urban twist of trumpets and soul back up vocals. Southern Slanted fiddles and harmonicas make an appearance as well. Lindholm’s vocals are throaty and of a light-hearted crooner feel with power and depth. The whole album feels like a bunch of musicians met at a truck stop and had a giant jam fest together. There is a bit of everything for people to enjoy without sounding overtly complicated or too thought out. The album is perfect for summer fun and rocking out too while having grand sun filled adventures. Check it out on their website for pre-order. Whiskey N’ Rye, the future of Americana and Rock.









Manett is a refreshing new musical project by a Brooklyn based artist. She grew up on an island in Micronesia and arrived in NYC at the age of 19 where she attended film school. Her music is an ethereal modern take on psychedelic 60’s rock with a nudge to indie folk and a punk heart. Her dreamy vocals are reminiscent of Portishead, Nico, and Beach House, and their simplicity and style transport the listener to a woodland meadow where fantasy creatures play the instruments and little birds sing along. Her guitar is simple with just the right effects that swarm like bees to flowers. In her new EP, “Stigma-Style” released today, she includes complex beats underlying the simplicity of her instrumentation allowing for her vocals to shine. Just when you think you understand the folk hearted-ness of her writing she changes the vision through a seamless transition into more of an electro-pop vibe full with synthesizers in her song “The Birds (for Paulo)”.  You can listen here and download her new Ep for FREE download and you can also get it on cassette tape (for $5) complete with a bonus track from Kerchow Records.


Postac’ music

Postac’ is a solo electronic project out of Buffalo NY started by Ezell Jordan in 2013. He started in the punk world and his path led him through some experimentation of new genre’s and finally electronic. His music is space, quiet and ethereal. It creates sweeping imagery in the mind and leaves the listener to impart their own colors on the musical canvas. The songs draw on a few different types of electronic music and all songs are cinematic in nature. If you close your eyes your transported to a dream like state full of mystery and intrigue. His style is never repetitive, and always interesting. Each track brings a new interpretation of his sweeping imagination and leaves you hungry for more. His first album release, “A Reason” (2013), was influenced by the sci-fi book, Clone by With his second release he expanded that idea and with Finding My Home (2014), he produced a  higher quality of work that infused more pop like beats while keeping with his cinematic approach.

Nic Nassuet

Nic Nassuet’s music is reminiscent of 90’s rock with a folk heart beat.  Nic Nassuet writes with an honest sincerity. In the song “When it Falls” released in February of this year Nic creates a sordid tale of one haunted by his own demons. The song features violins, cellos, upright basses, guitars, and rock vocals and unique percussion. In it he laments,

“I have become this thing
I’ve started haunting my own dreams
Forever lost in the depth of me.”

Some of his tracks feature Catrina Grimm, Josh Riccio at Sing Engine Studios engineered, and all have a clear insight into Nassuet’s own heart. All of our hearts hold some darkness and some solitary pain, but Nic has found a way to make that beautiful.


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Twitter: @nicnassuet

CIKATRI$: Keytar-Punk


CIKATRI$ is an avant-garde keytar-punk band, from Stockholm, Sweden, with lyrics in french. Their brand of punk harks from 80’s punk with the lo-fi quality recording, slurred vocals, hard hitting rhythms, fast paced chord changes and who gives a #$%* attitude. All this has been put into a blender and what was spit out is CIKATRI$. They remind me of early riot girl music such as Bikini Kill, with a cleaner edge the likes of Blondie. Their first appearance in the USA will be at SXSW and will be touring the U.S. Southwest, including Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Their third album, a double 7” EP named “Aie ! – le trois” came to eager fans recently. Aurélie Ferr, the band’s core member, writes all of the songs. She also spends a lot of time as a freelance sound engineer around the city of Stockholm. Live, Aurélie plays keytar and sings, Anton plays guitar, Robert plays drums, and Jocke is on bass. Fans of classic punk and those new to the genre will find much to enjoy with this band. There is even the occasional trumpet and keytar solo!


Sweet Eve: Metal

“Children of Babylon” is the first single in three years from Sweet Eve. They have not had a release since February 2012 début album “Shadow Over Me.” “Children of Babylon” is the first track to be released from their upcoming album “The Immortal Machine” produced and engineered by Russell Knight. Sweet Eve is a metal band from Los Angeles composed of Tony Francis on Vocals/Guitar, Russ Knight on Drums/Keyboards, and Ian Shea on Bass. Children of Babylon features samples from President George Bush discussing why America needed to go to war. The music thrashes with heavy distorted guitars, raging drum beats and melancholic angry vocals. Fans of Metallic will surely find elation with the music made by Sweet Eve. You can find the new album available shortly on iTunes. You can listen to their latest release “Children of Babylon” and like them on their facebook page here.



Sima is an up and coming superstar that has performed and been passionate about music since a young age. She produces and writes all of her music. Some of her biggest influences include Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, and The Cure. There is a bit of her influences present in her music but it also has a unique flair all its own. In the track “Beautiful Liar” there is a clear 80’s pop rock edge throughout but has a new perspective to the genres. Her voice has an original take on many female pop greats including Madonna, and has no trouble standing on her own when compared to such talent. Distorted guitars, synths, and perfectly placed breakdowns all lift up Sima’s solid vocals and harmonies. It is clear she is not only a performer but has much talent when it comes to production, arranging, and the like. Her music evolves not only through a series of songs but in just one single track. “Beautiful liar” has an evolution that picks up, drops off, builds, plummets, and then crescendos into a distorted whisper. It’s not just your basic, verse chorus, bridge, it has a story through song that begs you to listen to the end. You can listen and find her on all the links below.

Worldwide Groove Corporation From Fabulation Records

Worldwide Groove Corporation

Electronic music from the Worldwide Groove Corporation has a solid set of grooves led by a powerful and poignant lyricist, singer pop, and artist Daniella Mason in addition to other vocalists. Their songs are covers of jazz classics with a bossa nova beat. There are some EDM influences and a lot of smooth feelings moving the tracks along. “Standard Chill” sets quite the mood with steady drum beats, guitars, throaty bass, and a lot of really great vocal effects. The song flows from one part to another seamlessly even though the parts are all a bit different. New instruments and orchestration evolve and flow together into a sparkly electronic web. Their songs have a definitive chill vibe, but the use of percussion definitely drives the songs forward and it never leaves you bored. It’s the perfect thing after a long day or a spontaneous solo slow dance. As their songs are jazz standard covers done in electronica, there is a timeless vibe underneath a very modern feel. The talent is obvious. Kurt Goebel, producer and programmer for Worldwide Groove Corporation, creates a masterful and sexy collection of sounds.