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Featured Artist: Wep One & Timmo


Now available on Hello.L.A., a France based art label created by Bertrand Blanchard, Turn From the Grave by Wep One & Timmo, is an complex and interesting album which combines electronic, Hip Hop, and Metal into an explosive buffet of sound. The seven song collection is a co-production between U.S. based electronic musician and rapper, Wep One, and Timmo, a Japan based electronic musician and producer.  The two collaborated over the internet and have not met in person, although you wouldn’t guess that by listening to Turn From the Grave.

The album  begins with “Compound 47” a gritty mix of Wep’s vocals, static synths, and phased guitars, with minimal to sparse drums underlying the melee. Wep one’s lyrical mastery harkens to the most hardened of hip hop artists laced with a growl of wolf like mastery. The electronic samples and synths add an ethereal and alien soundscape with a futuristic quality. This could be hip hop circa 2062, sent back through a time portal. The second track “Turn From the Grave” starts with a robotic pulse sweeping the listener along into an interstellar starship dance party with robot DJ’s and Captain Wep leading the rabble rousers with his command of vocal form. “Imprint” the third song continues the galactic dance party and was co-produced along with Timmo and Wep by KaeoFLUX . The rest of the album continues along these lines and never ceases to be an interesting integration of sonic fortitude.

This is for hip-hop fans and electronic music fans alike, and even those who are tired of the same old thing. This album is certainly breaking new ground in electronic music and hip hop. Ready for something new? You’ve found it. You’re welcome.


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Wep One






Prenze: Fling Season (Explicit)


Canadian artist Prenze has been getting notice since his December 8th release of “Fling Season” his newest single featuring, Shamica Sinclair. His music is an upbeat take on R&B and feel good hip hop. Shamica’s voice is smooth and seamlessly flows through the track. Prenze’s delivery is casual and perfectly spaced throughout. His backing track, produced by Wavey, is well balanced and not overly complex with a very sexy vibe perfect for lovers. This is an honest approach to hip hop. It focuses on story telling and genuine feeling with a calm approach. The new track “Fling Season” its a great listen and loved by many. It had over 170,000 listens in only 7 days on Soundcloud. Join the fans by listening here:

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New Hip Hop: Theolodge: Top Of The World


Central Florida Rapper, Theolodge has released a new track called Top of the World. In it you get a taste of his immense talent, lyrical genius, and unique flow. If you enjoy hip hop and haven’t heard of him yet, get ready to be excited about a great artist who is sure to blow up. Theolodge has been working on his craft since an early age. He started performing in Elementary school all the way through high school, giving impromptu performances. He has honed his skill over the years perfecting his musical talents and rapping style. His flow is easy and refined. He doesn’t ramble on his lyrics as fast as possible to impress, he is thoughtful and poised for the right mark throughout his songs as is evident in his new song  Top of the World.  The ease with which he presents his flow is impressive and obviously thought out. You are able to focus on his words, and they seem to have more meaning because they come at you with purpose. The accompanying track is well mixed with top 40 arrangements. Piano comes in first and the track slowly builds into a perfect radio hit. Some of the samples are reminiscent of old school rappers from the 90’s such as Snoop Dog, in the repeated chirping synths. The beats are calm and focused, but well placed. Over all Top of the World  is properly named because that is where Theolodge is heading.

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A.N.O. Underground Hip Hop From Virginia

1622806_10152316720893013_1797926157_n an underground hip hop artist native to Virginia. A.N.O. stands for Ain’t No Other. He has been in the hip hop scene for 16 years, raps, produces most of his tracks, and plays his own instruments. His current album is called, “Never Really Broke.” In it his beats are slow and simple. His samples blend well with the mellow tone of his laid back rapping style. Lyrical themes revolve around self exploration and A.N.O.’s life experience. The sound of his tracks will resonate well with people who listen to chill electronic jams and hip hop. You don’t necessarily have to be into rap to enjoy “Never Really Broke.” Outside of his current solo project A.N.O. has been in 3 hip hop groups including Dynasty of Madness, Cosanokestra, and The Hard Hittaz. He has also started an ongoing tour called The Outer Circle.

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Elijah McGillicuddy: 88mPH


Elijah McGillicuddy is a hip hop artist from Long Island, NY. His newest release is a single called 88mPH and has a solid beat and excellent flow. 88 mPH will be available on the soon to be released demo Hieroglyphics. The name Elijah comes from the Bible and McGillicuddy is inspired from a character on I Love Lucy. Elijah’s influences include Big L, B.I.G, Nas, and Bug Daddy Kane. When you first hear 88 mPH it’s hard to believe this is Elijah’s first release. The intro is slow and includes a clip from Back to the Future. The female lead has a pretty voice and blends nicely with the synthesizers and samples. Lyrics flow with a smooth rhythm and subject is autobiographical. Hieroglyphics is sure to be a great listen and hip hop listeners everywhere should get excited. 

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New Album Initiation by Rapper [i]


“Initiation” is [i]’s new rap album featuring Project Pat, reggae artist Damas, underground legend Sole, UK’s Janai and NYC’s Troy Ave. [i] is an interesting name for an artist and is the pseudonym for rapper Justin Hibbert. His album “Initiation” has a very raw feel to it. The beats are simple and minimilest allowing the vocals and lyrics to shine. It has a dark feel in songs such as, All The Kings,  which has a delicate chorus with a sultry female lead reminiscent of Beyonce, adding a polished depth to the grittiness of the verses. He raps about gangsta’ and rap life, underground  lifestyles, old school,  and more. Find more information and listen here:

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Skatch MC: Sincerity: The Soundtrack to Life

Sincerity: The Soundtrack to Life is a new release from Skatch MC. Inspired by greats such as KRS-One, 2Pac, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, Public Enemy, Gang Starr Skatch has spent many years honing his hip hop skills as is evident in this 8 song album. I’m not a huge hip hop follower but Skatch MC really has something here. His sound is professional polished and entirely his own. He’s also not another rapper rapping about his bitches and hoes. His flows are personal and triumphant.
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Black Nacirema Song Review: TWOM

Black Nacirema is a hip hop group from Los Angeles out of Eighties Baby Entertainment and Mile High Records. Their song TWOM becomes a new favorite quick. It has a simple but interesting beat and a pretty straightforward theme; “The world owes me, I hope it kills you when you see me.” Savvy and Hen Hollywood are the lyricistists. Their voices don’t shout out like some hip hip artists which can often be a guise to cover up lack of talent. In Black Nacirema’s case their voices are provocative without trying too hard and because they are so laid back you trust they know what they are doing. “Don’t look now but I’m rising like I’m levitating, and looking up at a nigga got yo neck breaking, plenty haters told me quit and that’s understated, now them niggas sick cuz they mad that I’m celebrating, and I be grinding till I’m stepping on the red carpets.” TWOM reminds me of another recent favorite, Lil Wayne’s, Drop the World. Check them out below.

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