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TJ Doyle: On The Horizon

His imagination’s life blood is built of trees, blades of grass, the song of the nearest sparrow, the chirp of a cricket, and the rush of a field mouse. TJ Doyle is at peace in his surroundings, nature being the heartbeat behind his song. In addition to a natural setting, his influences stem from speaking the mind of his generation in a colloquial manner with no bunkum in tow. In his new album On The Horizon, his song writing is seamless, his voice is classic, timeless, modern, smooth, and rough, soft and real, and just undefinable. His connection with nature helps him listen, watch, wait, and breath peace, which transposes onto his score. The sonic transitions are as fluid as a river floating on clay bedrock, pulling up bits of rock along the way, with all the rushes of the great whites to the calm down the way. There is something for everyone in On The Horizon. Classic Rock fans, Indie hipsters, and even the melodramatic folk supporter will find a connection. TJ Doyle brings the the poet’s voice from the 60’s to the modern era. He absorbs our longing, our pain, and our intrigue and lays it bare, and in doing so show’s us that we are all connected, just as the field meets the sky On The Horizon.








Manett is a refreshing new musical project by a Brooklyn based artist. She grew up on an island in Micronesia and arrived in NYC at the age of 19 where she attended film school. Her music is an ethereal modern take on psychedelic 60’s rock with a nudge to indie folk and a punk heart. Her dreamy vocals are reminiscent of Portishead, Nico, and Beach House, and their simplicity and style transport the listener to a woodland meadow where fantasy creatures play the instruments and little birds sing along. Her guitar is simple with just the right effects that swarm like bees to flowers. In her new EP, “Stigma-Style” released today, she includes complex beats underlying the simplicity of her instrumentation allowing for her vocals to shine. Just when you think you understand the folk hearted-ness of her writing she changes the vision through a seamless transition into more of an electro-pop vibe full with synthesizers in her song “The Birds (for Paulo)”.  You can listen here and download her new Ep for FREE download and you can also get it on cassette tape (for $5) complete with a bonus track from Kerchow Records.


Fiona Hare: Keep Me Wild

“How do you live without love?” Fiona Hare asks that question in her new album “Keep Me Wild.” Her music is honest folk with a slightly swing/Americana style, and a sparseness that makes you feel as if she’s in the room playing her sad songs just for you. Her instrumentation is guitar, piano, drums, organ, and synths. Her vocals are soft and slow like honey. They are emotive and deep and her melodies stay in your head for days. Some of the songs such as Black Dog, have a guttural raw feel, both tragic and beautiful at the same time.  Her piano and drums seems to come in at just the right time to help build the track into a powerhouse of emotion and drive. You’ll want to listen “Keep Me Wild” all over again after you hear it once. You can get her record on Bandcamp for $10. Have a listen below:

Quentin Brunel: Carry On


“Why must I carry on when you’re not around? I just can’t carry on.” Quentin Brunel writes honest and heart breaking folk music with a classic rock vibe. Quentin is working on a new EP. We are lucky to have heard track number two called “Carry On”. When “Carry On” first starts you think your about to hear a pretty straight forward folk song. It begins with just a single strummed guitar with Quentin’s vocals crooning along. The song builds slowly with drums introduced in the middle of the song along with a slide guitar. The sadness in his voice is emulated by the sorrowful guitar that changes into a mournful solo of empowerment building into a powerful sound of triumph. Though the song starts off sad and lonely the music that accompanies the heart-broken lyrics seems to answering that question. “Why must I carry on?” Well to keep playing music, surely. Check out Quentin on his facebook.

Interview with Mykul Lee

Mykul Lee has a new album out on May 1st entitled “Fortress”. It has ten songs and a mellow folk feel to it. Fans of Elliot Smith and Jeff Buckley will find something to love in Mykul’s newest work. He has a quiet voice and almost whispers his lyrics along to the music. His lyrics are heartfelt and flow well over piano, guitar and drums. We were fortunate to get an interview with him which you will find below.

Where are you located/from?

Hollywood, California

Who is involved in your project?

For the most part, it’s just me.. I’ve taught some of my willing friends the songs from my first few records and occasionally, when I play live, they will join me. Otherwise its just me, a guitar and a mic! For the albums I usually do all the pre-production in my home studio and take it to one of the many amazing studios here in Hollywood like Sunset Sound (our personal favorite) to finish everything.

Is Mykul Lee your real name?

Funny you should ask.. I actually inherited the name from my days in the mercenary business from the dreaded pirate Mykul Lee after I slew him. Turns out the mercenary business is actually just a distant cousin to the record industry, just a bit more whimsical and lighthearted.

How does your location influence your creativity?

Well, we live in Hollywood so it’s obviously a pretty interesting spot to be, but I guess it kind of attracts musicians and artists just as much, if not more, than any other place in the world. So there’s no shortage of creativity going around. Having a home studio also makes a huge difference. Being able to wake up and work on music, whether it’s my own or not, is a dream come true.

Can you give us a brief description of your musical past?

I have been playing music in one form or another for longer than I can really remember. I started with piano about 6 or 7 years old, moved to guitar and drums at about 10. After, I kind of had that stuff figured out I guess I moved to songwriting. That’s where I am now and will probably be in one way or another for the rest of my life. I love song writing more than anything. Along the way I’ve spent some time in recording school, music school, art school, been engineering/producing bands as well, but songwriting and playing music with honest musicians is my favorite

Do you write all of your songs?
Yes. 100%

Are others involved in their creation?
I used to have what we call “demo-itis” which is a severe attachment to the pre-produced songs on whatever album I’d be working on. Now that I’ve made some records and understand the value of nuance in the studio I am always open to having people suggest or even play certain instruments on the records, whatever it takes to create something beautiful that we’re satisfied with. Something we could have only done by chance. For the most part no one else is really involved in the creation/writing of the actual song, just in the studio.

If so, how do you overcome your differences in song writing?

It depends on what you’re writing for. If it’s for my own stuff I would be much less inclined to compromise if I thought I knew better. If it’s for/with someone else than there shouldn’t be differences. Just try to find a way to enjoy writing with other people. Try to find a way to make your ideas make sense with theirs. There will always be more songs to write.

Do you have any advice for those who’s creativity has reached a stale point?
If your creativity has reached a stale point, you need to find some more creative people to hang out with!

What does it make you think when you are compared to Iron and Wine, Elliot Smith and Jeff Buckley?

It’s a complete honor that anyone would make any of those connections.. I have loved Elliot Smith since day one. I was so happy when Iron and Wine finally broke out because there aren’t really very many bands doing the post-Elliot Smith kind of folksy thing. Jeff Buckley fans would probably be pissed that anyone is compared to him and I can completely agree on that one. All phenomenal musicians and singer/songwriters.

What’s next?

Movin into a new studio! Doing a follow up record this summer entitled “SAIL”

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