new experimental music

Le Vant Dark Electronica

Le Vant is a dark electronica project by Romanian producer and sound-designer George D. Stanciulescu. It has a variety of feels and sounds to it that range from electronic pop to moody experimental. Stanciulescu began in 2010 and has gone on to perform many festivals and shows.  His music is ethereal by nature and is the perfect soundtrack to an overactive imagination. His song “Sideways” has many conflicting elements that join together in their different moods to create something full of dissension that somehow does not lead to discord. There are almost combative elements to the song with its gritty dark city feel and its lighthearted synthesizers all dancing together of a heavy distorted beat. Beauty and the beast collide to create something magical. Listen below and find him on facebook for more.

Experimental Noise Rock: MR KITO

Experimental noise rock has had many incarnations most notably with acts such as Sonic Youth and Microphones. MR KITO brings a new perspective on the genre with dissonant harmonies, strange sound effects, drum beats ranging from sparse to expansively complex, and guitar work that follows the same dynamic. His songs don’t seem to follow a direct pattern as with most rock. The songs flow in a stream of ideas with interesting instrumentation throughout. The tone is mellow, unique, and well produced. Eric Michot is the man behind MR KITO. He is a French multi-instrumentalist and producer living in Cape Town since the year 1998. His music has been featured on radio stations all over the world ranging from Japan, to the USA, to Ireland. His newest (number seven) album called “Where Are The Lizards?” has been released on the Presence Records label and is available on Bandcamp, his website, and other relevant music sites. Listen below:

Barren Waste: Sound Scapes for the Apocalypse

-Angel Russell

Barren Waste has a three song album with each song about 15 minutes in length. This music is sure to grab the attention of experimental music junkies and noise fans. Sounds wash over you in long sequences interspersed with bells, trinkets, and high pitched noise makers. Guitars appear that seem never to have begun and play tones that seem never to end. Crashes and clanks, drones and rusty wheels, this appears to be music made by the undead. With song titles like; Feel like dying, Crippling notes, and Dialogues in filth , I might not be far off. Who knows maybe a ghost sent it to me because only a link appeared in my inbox. oOoooOOoOoOoOh!

You can check out the album by Barren Waste called, For Who here. I’d also recommend checking out their other work while there.