Featured Artist: Wep One & Timmo


Now available on Hello.L.A., a France based art label created by Bertrand Blanchard, Turn From the Grave by Wep One & Timmo, is an complex and interesting album which combines electronic, Hip Hop, and Metal into an explosive buffet of sound. The seven song collection is a co-production between U.S. based electronic musician and rapper, Wep One, and Timmo, a Japan based electronic musician and producer.  The two collaborated over the internet and have not met in person, although you wouldn’t guess that by listening to Turn From the Grave.

The album  begins with “Compound 47” a gritty mix of Wep’s vocals, static synths, and phased guitars, with minimal to sparse drums underlying the melee. Wep one’s lyrical mastery harkens to the most hardened of hip hop artists laced with a growl of wolf like mastery. The electronic samples and synths add an ethereal and alien soundscape with a futuristic quality. This could be hip hop circa 2062, sent back through a time portal. The second track “Turn From the Grave” starts with a robotic pulse sweeping the listener along into an interstellar starship dance party with robot DJ’s and Captain Wep leading the rabble rousers with his command of vocal form. “Imprint” the third song continues the galactic dance party and was co-produced along with Timmo and Wep by KaeoFLUX . The rest of the album continues along these lines and never ceases to be an interesting integration of sonic fortitude.

This is for hip-hop fans and electronic music fans alike, and even those who are tired of the same old thing. This album is certainly breaking new ground in electronic music and hip hop. Ready for something new? You’ve found it. You’re welcome.


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Wep One






Words in Wartime


Are you craving some sparse etherial music to zone out to after the craze of the holidays? Words in Wartime could be just the thing. Droning guitars spread out over time along with a quiet but steady rock beat. Modest Mouse meets Explosions in the sky with an effected and delayed vocal. This fits my mood perfectly right now.

Words in Wartime was written, recorded, performed, produced, mixed, and mastered by Matt Gregory with an old Dell laptop microphone. This works perfectly for the feel of the music. If it had been over produced in a studio it may not have the same impalpable sound.


Angel Russell

Limbo Cabaret – Helen


I’m not sure how to classify Limbo Cabaret, formerly, Oresteia.(The original Greek Trajedy’s may have been a bit meloncholy for them as they have changed their name to Limbo Cabaret) I don’t generally like classifying bands in the first place. Usually artists like to think of themselves as original and unlike anything that has come before, but for the listener it then becomes a chore to explain and identify common themes or sounds. In this case I think Limbo Cabaret is actually totally original but with many bands has it’s own influences and themes. The main vocalist sounds a lot like David Bowie, but in a good way. He is not making an obvious attempt to sound like him. Their arrangements are reminiscent of happy Beirut, with a more avaunt-garde traditional ska feel. They also retain a somewhat gypsy uniqueness to their music, but the saxophones and rhythms keep them quite up to date and modern. Their new video does an excellent job of capturing their sound. With the lot of them running around in suits and hats slapping each other with flowers. Their brand new release Romancing the Dead is out on Sotones Records out of the UK and is available on iTunes and Amazon.


Darrell Swainston,
Jed Carr,
Pip Borthwick,
Jamie Chilcott,
Paul Seymour,
Adam Wells,

‘Romancing The Damned’ EP released through Sotones Records OUT NOW

Lauren Harding

Lauren Harding, an artist originally from Massachusetts and relocated to LA, has a new EP out called, Heart in a Box. It is a piano driven set fueled by Lauren’s strong vocals. Electric guitar gives the somewhat soft sounding songs a bit of an edgy vibe. Influenced by David Bowie and Cabaret, she isn’t shy about belting it out vocally. Song three, “My Heart Flies”, holds on to that cabaret feel with it’s lighthearted melodies and staccato piano base. “Poison”, the fourth track on the EP brings it back to Rock with hints of Jazz. I think if it had just a bit more of a unique flair it might be more attention grabbing. It sounds just a tad overproduced.

Aaron Embry’s New Release

Aaron Embry‘s new album, Tiny Prayers, was released today on Community Music. Aaron played on “Pretty (Ugly Before)”, a song from Elliot Smith’s album From a Basement on the Hill, with Jane’s Addiction, Willie Nelson, and Emmylou Harris, to name a few. His new record is a timeless classic. It could have been written in the South of the US in 1892 in a seedy bar, or during the folk singer songwriter revolution of the 60’s. The sound is antique, descriptive, and original. A single guitar strums behind Aaron’s fervent voice while a harmonica joins in every now and then. Piano plays the sparse instrumentation on “Ode to ‘If'”. On “Your Heart and Mine”, the final song on the record, Embry says

“*There’s a lot of things to do over, follow through and always no end.

It’s like we’re playing out the rise and fall of Rome again.

The Savior comes; you nail him to a tree.

The pain that sets you free will turn to love in time.

Will you always break your heart and mine? Yea, you’ll always break your heart and mine.

I will break your heart. And you will break my heart. And we’ll all be broken hearts.

Perhaps we’re in the middle of the world ending.

It kind of seems it could be tonight, but can we pass around the word of light, alright.

I’m sick and tired of —–.

The demons we redeem, will ever so serenely turn to love in time, so you can always break your heart and mine.

And I can always break your heart and mine.

I will break your heart and mine, and you will break my heart and yours.

And we’ll all be broken hearts.


His lyrics are genuine and personal. They convey beautiful imagery as well as feelings  we can all relate to. If the world did end tonight I don’t think I’d mind if this were the last thing I listened to.

New Songs by Nouela

-Angel Russell

Nouela has offered up a sneak peak of her much anticipated new record on her facebook. The songs are just incredible. Her voice is magical, soft, and very strong. Her new songs have force, energy, charm, and are eloquently written and performed. “Fight” and “Suckers” are both complete triumphs. I cannot wait to hear what she puts out next.