Elijah McGillicuddy: 88mPH


Elijah McGillicuddy is a hip hop artist from Long Island, NY. His newest release is a single called 88mPH and has a solid beat and excellent flow. 88 mPH will be available on the soon to be released demo Hieroglyphics. The name Elijah comes from the Bible and McGillicuddy is inspired from a character on I Love Lucy. Elijah’s influences include Big L, B.I.G, Nas, and Bug Daddy Kane. When you first hear 88 mPH it’s hard to believe this is Elijah’s first release. The intro is slow and includes a clip from Back to the Future. The female lead has a pretty voice and blends nicely with the synthesizers and samples. Lyrics flow with a smooth rhythm and subject is autobiographical. Hieroglyphics is sure to be a great listen and hip hop listeners everywhere should get excited. 

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