Sergeant Sparrow Records is a label dedicated to the promotion of unknown and DIY musicians. We currently have 1 signed artist with releases available on their pages on this site. You can purchase downloadable albums on their respective bandcamps or purchase a handmade copy of their discs from their pages here on this site. We are not dedicated to a certain style of music, but enjoy releasing all types on unique and interesting music. You can find within our artists, folk, rock, indie, and even gypsy folk. They are very much their own entities. We merely provide a place for them to call home.

Our first logo.

Sergeant Sparrow Records had it’s humble beginnings in a shack on the little island of Martha’s Vineyard, an island off the cape of Massachusetts. It’s founder, Angel Sparrow, had just finished her first full length album “Sunken Ships and Parlor Tricks” and was eager to release it. As a DIY musician and artist the idea of trying to market it to large labels or make a huge to do of it was not a though that ever crossed her mind. She knew it would be a small thoughtfully produced album for whoever wanted to hear it, which mostly consisted of her peers, and would be self released on her own little label. While watching a bird documentary with David Attenborough, the name Sergeant Sparrow rung a bell and it stuck. Sergeant Sparrow was born.

The first release “Sunken Ships and Parlor Tricks”, was small run of 200 albums and was released physically and online on 01 November 2009. It was printed at the local print shop and each CD was lovingly stamped and burned with two CD burners at home. Angel went around the Island putting it up in any shop that would carry it, including now long time supporters, Aboveground Records. Some of the records sold and that could have been that. Angel didn’t want it to end there and after releasing her first little record she thought, “why should I stop here? I should call my friends and see how they feel about putting their music out.” Her first to sign was Arman Augusto of The Walking who had finished his album “Wanderings and Distractions” earlier that year, 06 March 2009. It was a five song album of great noise folk on which Angel had done a few vocals and guitar melodies. Thus was born release number two and Angel’s increasing addiction to releasing musical works for others to hear.

With the realization that her meager income could not produce and release many records by many bands the idea for a compilation CD came to mind. That way many musicians at once would be able to show their work. Sergeant Sparrow was about exposing others to unique and interesting works and what better way to do that than to include a small interview with each band? That way people could get to know an unknown artist through their own words and by hearing their music. This idea morphed into Sergeant Sparrow Magazine and the first was released in January of 2010 only two months after the release of Sunken Ships and Wanderings. Their release party was held at the now departed Che’s Cafe on Martha’s Vineyard, a local music hot spot. From the MV Times published 28 January 2010 “In order to distribute her band’s debut CD, she started her own record label, Sergeant Sparrow. Then, as a burgeoning music producer, she was determined to help other musicians market their music. However, she was hindered in this effort by a lack of funding for distribution, and hatched the plan of issuing an indy music magazine that includes interviews and a compilation CD of songs by the featured artists. This marketing plan will give upcoming artists some exposure and introduce music lovers to new music and musicians. . . Ms. Angel describes her overall mission, ‘My main focus is helping out artists and musicians – to promote them, and help people discover them.'”

Sergeant Sparrow hasn’t slowed down, now after six album releases, five signed artists and 4 issues of the magazine it’s a label dedicated to the promotion of DIY artists. Advertising has never been accepted in any issue of the magazine for money and the entire thing is run out of pocket by the peeps who run Sergeant Sparrow. After the launch of the first issue of the magazine S.S. expanded to not only include music, but art. Their first editor Cooper Davis was a big part of expanding and enhancing the magazine into a cohesive collection of both music and art. Cooper moved on to bigger things after it’s release but in stepped Mr. Spencer Thurlow, current Literary Editor who helped to make the bold move into releasing not only art and music, but literature. Emily Spykman also stepped on board as the Art Editor. Together they released issue number four and are currently working on issue 5 while Angel is simultaneously releasing new works by signed artists, finding new music to release and writing for the S.S. Blog.

Thanks for reading the humble story of Sergeant Sparrow. Please visit the pages of our singed artists on the drop down menu above.
Team S.S.


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