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Issue Number One

Issue Number Two

Issue Number Three

Issue Number Four

We have decided after much speculation to discontinue the release of our annual magazine. We will continue to release music both in stores and online from our signed artists. Artists, musicians and writers can continue to submit their works to us through our website,

Our blog will continue to function as it has. It will now have much more in depth material and more frequent posts as all of the work that went into the magazine will now go into the blog. Look forward to many new artists and interviews this year! For more information visit our website!

Sergeant Sparrow is the proud publisher of Sergeant Sparrow Magazine, a music, arts and literary magazine available in both PDF and print form. The magazine features four to six artists every issue and each comes with a music CD compilation of their music. Throughout the magazine you will also find music reviews, articles, short stories, poems, artwork and more.
For contributing information please visit our contacts page where you will find guidelines and contact information.

Sergeant Sparrow Magazine and compilations are available for sale here:

Issue Number Four

Music and Art:

Angel Russell


Spencer Thurlow


Em Brownlowe



John Shade

Cameron Stenger

Phil the Tremelo King

Dan Waters

Eastern Phoebes


Hannah Rose

Ray Ewing

Angel Russell

Leslie Myers

Jake Meegan

Sherry Pfeil

Niko Ewing

Eli Dagostino

Travis Wood

Justin Myers


Spencer Thurlow

Anna-Lynne Williams

Graham Lowther

Jonah Lipsky

Sally Anne Clegg

Jake Meegan

Angel Russell

Alexis Ivy


Emma Kathan

Adam Moskowitz

Copyright 2011

Issue Number Three

Featured artists in this issue are:
Tourists on Horses,



Anthony Austin

Art in the magazine includes, Jennifer Langhammer, Mona Elliot, Andrea-Sokra-Rivera, MIlo Silva, Virginnia Brennen, Rebecca Swartwood, and more.

Also featured are short Stories by Ben Sweet and Julie Steinbacher. Poetry by Sally Clegg.

Photographers include, Amelia Leilani, Ray Ewing, Angel Russell, John Allen, Nick Sweet, Mona Elliot, Anthony Austin, Whit Lasker, Morgan Bassis, Rachel Baumrin, Julia Olivia, Em Brownlowe, Shelby Rodef, and Travis Ford.

Issue Number Two:

Issue Two features 6 musicians and has information on electronic music software, a short story by Ben Sweet and includes art from many contributers.

Andrew Prouty: Based out of Martha’s Vineyard. Andrew plays a variety of instruments, and writes both folk, rock and electronic music. A master at both guitar and drums, he also has a beautiful voice. In the songs on the compilation in this issue he floats in and out of throat singing with ease and combines it with his melodies seamlessly.

Marciana Jones: Based out of Martha’s Vineyard. Marciana has a lot of passion a sultry voice and is incredibly unique. Her music contains all these elements. A bit pop and a bit experimental, she triumphs in her song writing.

Y-Tron: Master beat maker and electronic musician he writes music for the great Logan Lynn. His music is danceable and fantastic.

Djaq Anderson: Djaq Anderson’s music is complex and extraordinary. He has been making it for long enough that he has become masterful in composition, arranging and creating new sounds. Electronic music at its best.

Panda Pirate: Panda Pirate combines dub, electronic sequencing and beats with raging aggression and madness. It blasts you in the gut and fills you with happiness.

Lambo White: Simplicity and solace unite to and overlay computerized sound.

Also in this issue you will find music software reviews form industry pros including Matthew Cullen (Producer and Engineer), and reviews on synthesizers and organs. Also included is a lot of visual art from our contributing artists, Rebecca Swartwood, Ray Ewing, Lily Morris, Angel Russell, Emily Spykman, and more.

Panda Pirate of the UK

Djaq Anderson of San Diego

Y-Tron of Portland Oregon

Marciana Jones of Martha’s Vineyard

Andrew Prouty of Martha’s Vineyard

Issue Number One:

Issue Number One of Sergeant Sparrow Magazine is our first little fledgling to leave the nest. Featured Artists Include;

Milo Silva: Morin Huur playing extrodinaire arranged and performed a Morin Huur Quartet on the disc attached to this magazine. In his interview he explains his song writing style which includes Vodka and Cigarettes, and his time spent abroad in Mongolia. His music is not to be missed.

Iridescent Pheasant: Folk Duo based out of Martha’s Vineyard, Iridescent Pheasant plays honest music with a lo-fi feel. Noise and other elements from nature lend themselves to the songs on the compilation.

Em Brownlowe: Riot Grrl, folk, rock, and more, Em Brownlowe’s songs are unique and tell stories of distant lands in this issue. She is based out of Portland OR and plays in carious musical projects there and runs her own music Blog Outsider Music Press.

The Walking: Arman Augusto is the man behind The Walking. He writes music while he travels and is inspired by all that new places have to offer with an internal look at the man himself; what it means to travel and the lonliness it can bring.

Erinn Williams: Operatically trained, Errinn’s voice is etherial and when it is layed over the electronic sequences of her music it becomes almost alien. She is based out of L.A.

Peter Ryan: Peter is based out of Portland OR and plays the drums in Kuskia. We were lucky enough to capture his song writing skills on this disc. He writes from within about the troubles of abuse and discrimination. His music is experimental, punk rock, alarming and beautiful

Also included in this issue is an interview with Mike Barnes from Aboveground Records, and a music review on The Dodo’s! The compilation CD features songs from each featured artist.

This magazine is available in PDF and MP3 format as well as a Paper and CD format. The magazine is 8/12 x 11 with Color Covers and Black and white inside pages. Order Price includes shipping.

Erinn Williams of Los Angeles

Arman Augusto of San Diego

Peter Ryan of Portland Oregon

Iridescent Pheasant of Martha’s Vineyard

Milo Silva of Matha’s Vineyard


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