Sergeant Sparrow Records is an independent record label and blog that publishes contributed work by unknown and DIY musicians, artists, and writers. We strive to give artists a place to express themselves and not gloss over who they are. The intent of Sergeant Sparrow is to support and aid unknown and DIY artists, writers, and musicians to further their careers and give them a place to show their work and in that build a community of creators. We accept contributions from people all over the world.

We have no advertising anywhere on our blog. We take donations and sell merchandise to support what we do. We only feature musicians, artists, or writers that fit with the overall aesthetic of Sergeant Sparrow which helps to create a community that works together and continues to create a high level of quality from underground and DIY creators.


Email: sergeantsparrow@gmail.com

In the headline please write

  • the type of music,
  • whether you are a the musician, band, publisher, manager, etc. (I prefer working with bands one on one)
  • what the email is regarding (review, interview, followup, etc)
  • example: Folk, Band, review


Sergeant Sparrow Store


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