Song Review

Prenze: Fling Season (Explicit)


Canadian artist Prenze has been getting notice since his December 8th release of “Fling Season” his newest single featuring, Shamica Sinclair. His music is an upbeat take on R&B and feel good hip hop. Shamica’s voice is smooth and seamlessly flows through the track. Prenze’s delivery is casual and perfectly spaced throughout. His backing track, produced by Wavey, is well balanced and not overly complex with a very sexy vibe perfect for lovers. This is an honest approach to hip hop. It focuses on story telling and genuine feeling with a calm approach. The new track “Fling Season” its a great listen and loved by many. It had over 170,000 listens in only 7 days on Soundcloud. Join the fans by listening here:

Twitter: @iamPrenze



Naked Walrus: New Rock Music

Naked Walrus, a Los Angeles based indie rock band, has released a single called Aliens off of their upcoming album, “All In”. Due to come out March 11,2014. Aliens has a driving rock beat and an underlying feel of indie rock with its synth chords but also has an almost punk/metal feel at times with its rapid distorted guitar solos and fervent hard-hitting drum beats. The vocals are gritty and strong and have a sound all their own. During the chorus the guitar and vocals immolate each other and given the thrust of the vocals the two blend well. Each member of the four person group brings exactly the right amount of creativity and punch giving the band an overall brilliant and lively sound. You can download their new single for free right here!



Swami Lushbeard: Where the Sheep are Lead


Swami Lushbeard is a Los Angeles band offering lush rock music with an upbeat vibe. A group of friends had a desire to do some soul-searching through art and came together in an abandoned airplane mock-up facility to do just that. Through this creation they feature Rock music’s essentials, guitar, piano, tight rhythms, and robust lead vocals. This impressive combination is the work of Don Sprouls (Philadelphia) – All guitars & vocals & backing vocals, Andre Howie (Virginia) – Bass guitar & backing vocals, Matt Sachs (Chicago) – Piano, Synth, Keyboards, Ian Michaels (Chicago) – Drums , and Danny Kopel (Los Angeles) – Keys, Accordion & backing vocals. Currently Swami Lushbeard is hosting a free download on their site of their new song “Where the Sheep Are Lead”. The song is full of life and has a strong steady pulse through out. The recording is mixed well and all parts present themselves with clarity and conviction. The keys in this track switch between sweet synth sounds and piano. The strumming guitars are distorted and heavy. The song is reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age with Dave Grohl at the drums. Download the track here.


New Single from Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord has released a new single and an instrumental track on their iTunes page.  Called XP€N$IV $H1T. The beat is very different from their dub step fascination on their record, Ten$ion. The song is about Ninja rubbing his member on expensive shit.

Recently Die Antwoord was accused of being a “fake” band. Aw damn, you mean their not really crack addicted ghetto blasters? I’m so let down. The members, Ninja and Yolandi, were involved in previous performance art of their own design called Max Normal (which I also love). Some people think this means their current endeavors are “fake”. I find this ludicrous. To say that an artist can have no prior artistic vision is unrealistic and boring. Artists explore new concepts, arrive at entirely new ideas and present the world with those findings. That is THE POINT! I still ❤ them. How can you not?

New Songs by Nouela

-Angel Russell

Nouela has offered up a sneak peak of her much anticipated new record on her facebook. The songs are just incredible. Her voice is magical, soft, and very strong. Her new songs have force, energy, charm, and are eloquently written and performed. “Fight” and “Suckers” are both complete triumphs. I cannot wait to hear what she puts out next.

Safeword – Amarillo by Morning

A new video is out by Safeword. Song, Amarillo by Morning , is a parady and cover written by Terry Stafford and Paul Fraser. The video comes after their EP ‘Hot:Crazy’ released in 2011. The song was Recorded at Safeword Studios by Safeword and mixed and edited by Jon Huebner. Their full length will be available some time at the end of the year.


Brian Pampaselle also known as undocument is an Electronic / Hip-Hop artist and producer from Long Beach, California. His debut album, For Lovers, Dreamers & Non-Believers, was recently released March 15th, 2012. The title track, A Flood of Ghosts (below), is a complex array of symphony samples, beats, noise, and low pitched reversed vocals. This combination creates an earthy and dream like atmosphere much in the way of Air, or Explosions in the Sky. It’s not overly dramatic, over-mixed, or too repetitive like much electronic music can be. It has a great fluidity throughout.

Brian spent much time playing bass and guitar for other musicians in the past and his days engineering other musical works. He is finally setting out to create and master his own sound with For Lovers. It is available for sale at, as well as iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and select record stores throughout the country. It consists of nine songs; -As Always, With Affection-, Far From Homesick, A Flood Of Ghosts, Instructions On Letting Go, Someone’s Love, Partially Yours, Murmuring, Thrush, and The Year Of Breaking Up. His influence throughout is the story of a modern love. Even though lyrics never appear in this instrumental album, you can sense the wonder and heartache.



Cross and the Switchblade: New Track From Charlotte Gordon Cumming

Written by Charlotte with Mike Edwards from Live Wire, “Cross and the Switchblade” is keeping 80’s power ballads alive and well. It was produced by Kevin Porée. Multiple guitar effects, echo’s, sad breakdowns and a solid vocal reminiscent of Annie Lenox. Charlotte’s voice doesn’t disappoint. Charlotte says, “The lyric came from a book of the same title and it left such an impression on me that I wrote my own take on it. I always loved the drama of the story and when we first produced the song it was very guitar and drum driven as the song needed that kind of driving energy.”
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Black Nacirema Song Review: TWOM

Black Nacirema is a hip hop group from Los Angeles out of Eighties Baby Entertainment and Mile High Records. Their song TWOM becomes a new favorite quick. It has a simple but interesting beat and a pretty straightforward theme; “The world owes me, I hope it kills you when you see me.” Savvy and Hen Hollywood are the lyricistists. Their voices don’t shout out like some hip hip artists which can often be a guise to cover up lack of talent. In Black Nacirema’s case their voices are provocative without trying too hard and because they are so laid back you trust they know what they are doing. “Don’t look now but I’m rising like I’m levitating, and looking up at a nigga got yo neck breaking, plenty haters told me quit and that’s understated, now them niggas sick cuz they mad that I’m celebrating, and I be grinding till I’m stepping on the red carpets.” TWOM reminds me of another recent favorite, Lil Wayne’s, Drop the World. Check them out below.

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