To truly honor anger it must be expressed. To do this by owning it and not giving it away in blame is healing and allows for boundaries to be set. 
My anger is my own. My anger is justified a thousand times over, but I choose how I transmute it. I own the wild beast that rages against injustice; the Queen that desires all the heads of all my enemies on a platter at my feet. I choose to honor it by speaking it, by naming it, and giving it a sacred place at my table. I honor it by acknowledging it’s existence and I bless it by having gratitude that my own heart loves me enough to cause me to rage against those that would hurt me. 
I banished my anger for fear it would consume me in a righteous fire. I feared that I would harm those I love because of the strength of it. I told myself my anger wasn’t justified because anger had been used to hurt me and I would never want to hurt another. Noble despair came to stand in anger’s place after I banished it from my kingdom. 
I know despair like the fine lines around my eyes that speak to our intimacy. Despair allows for wallowing. And though grateful I could feel my pain and agony, I needed anger to spring me into action. I had forgotten its lesson in its long banishment. 
I have called it home. I have called for the fragmented pieces of me to come together. And though sentinel fear stands guard warning me of its dangers, I am rooted in LOVE. My actions through love change anger to boundaries, transmute despair into fire, and leave me standing firm to honor the Queen I have become. 
So let this be my decree. ❤️🙏🏻


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