CIKATRI$: Keytar-Punk


CIKATRI$ is an avant-garde keytar-punk band, from Stockholm, Sweden, with lyrics in french. Their brand of punk harks from 80’s punk with the lo-fi quality recording, slurred vocals, hard hitting rhythms, fast paced chord changes and who gives a #$%* attitude. All this has been put into a blender and what was spit out is CIKATRI$. They remind me of early riot girl music such as Bikini Kill, with a cleaner edge the likes of Blondie. Their first appearance in the USA will be at SXSW and will be touring the U.S. Southwest, including Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. Their third album, a double 7” EP named “Aie ! – le trois” came to eager fans recently. Aurélie Ferr, the band’s core member, writes all of the songs. She also spends a lot of time as a freelance sound engineer around the city of Stockholm. Live, Aurélie plays keytar and sings, Anton plays guitar, Robert plays drums, and Jocke is on bass. Fans of classic punk and those new to the genre will find much to enjoy with this band. There is even the occasional trumpet and keytar solo!



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