Worldwide Groove Corporation From Fabulation Records

Worldwide Groove Corporation

Electronic music from the Worldwide Groove Corporation has a solid set of grooves led by a powerful and poignant lyricist, singer pop, and artist Daniella Mason in addition to other vocalists. Their songs are covers of jazz classics with a bossa nova beat. There are some EDM influences and a lot of smooth feelings moving the tracks along. “Standard Chill” sets quite the mood with steady drum beats, guitars, throaty bass, and a lot of really great vocal effects. The song flows from one part to another seamlessly even though the parts are all a bit different. New instruments and orchestration evolve and flow together into a sparkly electronic web. Their songs have a definitive chill vibe, but the use of percussion definitely drives the songs forward and it never leaves you bored. It’s the perfect thing after a long day or a spontaneous solo slow dance. As their songs are jazz standard covers done in electronica, there is a timeless vibe underneath a very modern feel. The talent is obvious. Kurt Goebel, producer and programmer for Worldwide Groove Corporation, creates a masterful and sexy collection of sounds.


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