Sacred Silver

Sacred Silver is a metal band composed of Brian Carson on vocals, Steve Reich on Bass, and John Housley on guitars. There have been many drummers including, Donny Brown, GJ Grosman, Chris Whited, and Brian Cobert. The engineering and production skills come from Andy Reed at Reed Recording Company, Scott “Scooby” Bush at Timeline Studios and Phil Pluskota. Their music is full of distortion and black broken hearts. Their song “soul destroyer” has the woeful and intense singing of Brian Carson telling the story of his heartache over sweeping distorted guitars, raging guitar solos and angelic vocal harmonies all lending their melody to the malaise. Like true metal there is plenty of fast guitar picking, double bass pedal and the like, but the orchestration, performance, and talent shine above your local pub’s metal night. Their music is honest and heartfelt dramatized melodic magnificence.




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