S.e Elliott & That Awful Rhythm

that awful rhythm

-Angel Russell

Demons are inside of all, dancing on our hearts to an awful rhythm. That Awful Rhythm is what S.e Elliott captures with his melancholic music full of thwarted dreams and tested resolve. Tragedy is writ on the bones of this music. His voice is haunted by a thousand hurts and mournfully howls against its weight. The beat of the drums echo longing for a happier outcome which never seems to come, so beat on they must. And so the tracks go on, a macabre collection of stories captured through song. This music is not for the faint of heart. It weeps with longing. It pours passionate colors of red and deep purple through the veins of its woeful guitar and bass. Share in Elliot’s heavy heart as you listen and rejoice as you have found a kindred broken soul. You are not alone in your angst any longer.

site: www.thatawfulrhythm.com
utube: www.youtube.com/thatawfulrhythm
press kit: www.thatawfulrhythm.com/epk


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