Dream Cloud Machine

cloud machine

-Angel Russell

The self titled album by Dream Cloud Machine released on November eleventh of 2014 is a collection of songs created by people who met on the internet. Jack Allen of Pasedena, Los Angeles produced the album. The album has the same upbeat melodies and instrumentation as 70’s pop hit maker Emitt Rhodes (The One Man Beatles). The best song on the album, “Close Me Down”, has delightful instrumentation of piano, guitar, solid drums, and direct melodies that add pep to your step. Also on the eight song album are songs such as “The Sequel” with vocal harmonies evocative of Wilco and Weezer, “The Vestal Ones” (another favorite) has more of a dark indie pop rock feel, vibrant guitar solos and lucid vocal harmonies. “Stray” brings the album around to a more melancholy tone. Overall the album is a strong set of well written, well-played songs  you’ll want to hear more than once. The songs stream together into a cohesive work well worth a listen. If you’re a fan of up beat pop rock, and lighthearted indie rock, you’re sure to like Dream Cloud Machine.


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