Sergeant Sparrow Suffered a Major Loss.

On Monday night my Mom collapsed in a Ralph’s grocery store in LA. There was a doctor on the scene and he tried to resuscitate her as he only found a light pulse. The paramedics came and used defibrillators trying to keep her alive until they reached the hospital. Once there they used machines to get her heart going for 25 minutes. They were not able to revive her. As of now a cause of death is unknown.

Her death is a heartbreaking shock to all that knew her. Due to the suddenness of her death I do not have a savings prepared for such an event. My mother did not have a lot of money. Anything you might be able to donate will go a long way in helping me to get airfare to LA, attorney fees if needed, burial fees, coroner fees, memorial service costs, anything else that might come up that I have not foreseen. I have created a fundraiser through You can click on the link below to donate.

This is a trying time for all that knew her. Thank you for your support in our time of need.


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