Experimental Noise Rock: MR KITO

Experimental noise rock has had many incarnations most notably with acts such as Sonic Youth and Microphones. MR KITO brings a new perspective on the genre with dissonant harmonies, strange sound effects, drum beats ranging from sparse to expansively complex, and guitar work that follows the same dynamic. His songs don’t seem to follow a direct pattern as with most rock. The songs flow in a stream of ideas with interesting instrumentation throughout. The tone is mellow, unique, and well produced. Eric Michot is the man behind MR KITO. He is a French multi-instrumentalist and producer living in Cape Town since the year 1998. His music has been featured on radio stations all over the world ranging from Japan, to the USA, to Ireland. His newest (number seven) album called “Where Are The Lizards?” has been released on the Presence Records label and is available on Bandcamp, his website, and other relevant music sites. Listen below:



  1. Brilliant music! been following Mr Kito for a while now, love the new EP very much! Thanks for the review and sharing his work!

  2. i am delighted to see more good feedback! very cool review for a very cool artist, my favorite song is “Embrace Carelessness” at the moment. it really speaks to me. I understand it! Thanks for the review!

  3. I’m a fan! Had the pleasure to meet Eric (Mr Kito) while attending a conference in South Africa, he is a true gentle soul, very wise, kind and warm. Very exited when i come across some positive notes about his music, ❤

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