Experimental Music: Kramar Zaibatsu

The music of Kramar Zaibatsu is not classifiable. You could add some genre examples to show where it might fit such as, experimental, noise folk, electronic spelunking, but none would quite fit his sound. When his album “The Dark Enlightenment” begins you might think you’ve left your sound too low, and need to turn it up. Then you realize it’s all a part of the song, Entropy Wins. There are blips, static, synthesizers communicating on some robotic scale, and varied lengths of silence. I rather enjoy the effect. Kramar plays with silence the way Square Pusher plays with beats. The album that starts with some listener confusion leads you further down a path of the unheard. The next song, Always Have a Positive Outlook on Life and a Sense of Well Being of Self  has similar arranging with lapses of audio and then leads into static footsteps. It gives you a feeling that you are not listening to a new album, but that you are headed down into the recesses of Kramar’s mind. It seems a little dark in there, self aware, or at least trying to discover itself. “The Dark Enlightenment” is like walking into someone else’s auditory hallucination. You don’t know how you got there, but you can’t stop listening.

explicit lyrics




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