A Never Ending Album

Musician and composer Thomas Brunkard has created a new project called A Never Ending Album. The album does not have a set number of songs but will be continuously updated for as long as Brunkard writes music. The internet changed the way music fans look at albums and they constantly desire new and updated work. This led Brunkard to create an album that is continuously evolving like the many updates our aps and phones now require, in addition to the web’s constant ebb-and-flow. The album begins with a beautifully arranged piece consisting of violins, guitar, drums and even what sounds like a xylophone. The song has a jam vibe to it, instilling the nature of the entire work straight off. When listening you feel as though you’re embarking a journey, not quite sure where it will take you, with minor chord changes matching your dreary moods, only to have the drums and guitar solos bring you back up just as the sun dawns a new and brighter day. If Brunkard can capture that kind of evolution in one song, it will be quite a thrill to see where the album evolves to in the coming days, weeks, and even years.


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