New Single by Hip Hop Artist John Blake

Hip hop artist John Blake has released a new song featuring Elisa Planco. With a strong R&B pop vibe the song has an uplifting message to never give up and to believe in your light. Producer Troyton Rami assisted  in creating the Top 40 sound. Your Light (Let it Shine) is not just another hip hop track with the familiar message of making it to the top, spending money, and attracting sexy partners. John Blake brings you lyrics that are inspiring, empowering and make your day that much better upon hearing it. His flow is smooth and well thought out with a professional air. Elisa’s voice is angelic and adds a beautiful harmonic feel throughout the track. Piano, solo guitar and steady beats with claps and 90’s hip hop symbols keep the flow moving steady. With such a powerful well produced track you can be sure this won’t be the last you’ve heard of John Blake. Your Light (Let it Shine) is available on iTunes, sound cloud and youtube.



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