New Alternative Rock: The Hubs


The Hubs are soon to release a new EP called “Welcome to Beyond”. The Hubs are a four piece Alternative Rock band from Bakersfield, Ca. Benjamin Montoya (voice and rhythm guitar), Tyler Ochart (Lead Guitar), Adam Vargas (drums), and Alberto Torres (Bass) make up the fearsome foursome. Their sound is very 90’s alternative rock with a lot of edge. The vocals are honest, heartfelt and raw. The lead guitar adds to the dissonant rock feel lead by the vocals and accompanies Benjamin perfectly. The two seem to be  in disordinate harmony. The drums are heavy on symbols and slow rage and follow in the tradition of Dave Grohl. The bass is the back bone and keeps the whole rock fury held together with steady hits similar Interpol.  Some of my favorite tracks on the record where the whole band really shine are Rocketship, with it’s complex and interesting distorted guitar battles and intricate drumming, Live Fast on a more mellow and emotional note with a solid rock bass, drums, guitar and mournful vocal, and Paranoia for its sultry sorrow that holds hands with anger. The EP was recorded by Kris Holland at Rocketship Recording Studios. Listen below:


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