Poetry by Robert Duddy

Watching People Drown

Robert Duddy September 14, 2011


sitting on a bench in Denver

I relished the industrial orchestra

that passed me by,

of motors and oil


I let the scents and sounds wash over me

after many months in the mountains.


an old native american woman

with no apparent direction, walked up to me

dressed as if for the first day of school

but decades too late


I, was in a smokescreen of content

and she was interrupting that,

she looked at me and waved

a favor I grudgingly returned


“have you seen wazo? She said

“No I have not” I said

“if you see him, tell him I’m looking for him.”


she stood there looking at me,

not really a stare

probably looking at something

far off in the distance

I just happened to be in the way

but if that was the case

so was half the city of Denver,




she continued on.


drunkenly perhaps,

she stopped at the corner

stepped off the curb

and was baptized by the water,

the motors and the oil


sitting on a bench in Denver

by the edge of a stream

I watched an old native american woman

swept away by the current



  1. Hi! Pleasantly surprised to see this up here haha, found it while searching my name seeing if my art website I just reinstated was showing up in searches. I think I submitted this well over a year ago and considered it finished but was reviewing it rather recently actually and have since made one change to the last line, if you would be so obliged as to edit the last line so it reads “swept away by the current”. Anyway thanks for supporting all these great musicians and artists etc..!

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