Ricky Rebel Electro Pop Glory




Ricky Rebel, a former lead singer of the 90′s pop group No Authority has transformed himself into the International Pop Star Ricky Rebel. His new track “I Adore You” (feat. Jayk Gallagher) has everything you would want from an electro pop gem, solid danceable groves, lush synth arrangements, sexy lead vocals, and perfectly timed breakdowns. A little bit about Ricky Rebel, also known as Ricky Felix Godinez ; No Authority was discovered by Michael Jackson in the 90’s and was signed to his label and SONY. He was then a teen idol. No Authority’ first album was recorded with Grammy award-winning producer Rodney Jerkins and their second self-titled album was released under Madonna’s label, Maverick Records. They opened for multiple huge acts including, Britney Spears, Monica, Christina Aguilera, Lenny Kravitz, Jessica Simpson, and 98 Degrees, and they had a popular song on the radio called “Can I Get Your Number.” After the end of the No Authority era Ricky went on to be cast as the character, “Showpony” for My Chemical Romance’s album “Danger Days: True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys”. This led to an appearance in their pre-album videos and he opened up for the band at their CD release at The House of Blues in Hollywood. This garnered him some attention for his solo act and he began the process of reinventing himself through, fashion, style, glamor, and magic. Ricky’s current band can be seen in and around Los Angeles. The band is also working on a new video featuring live video from performances and daily life for an upcoming reality project. Ricky wrote and produced all his tracks on his current LP “Manipulator”, available on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. Listen to his newest track “I Adore You” here on Sergeant Sparrow.

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