The Sinking Longboat

The Sinking Longboat is a musical project by audio and visual artist Rytis Gedvilas. His EP is called “The Longboat Meets An Iceberg”. It is a five song EP available in both free download and CD format. The CD is a great purchase because along with his music you receive 5 hand drawn postcards created by Rytis which make very nice companion pieces to the EP. The EP art has been designed by artist, Greta Bajarčiūtė. The music. along with the artwork, is very other-worldly. It wouldn’t surprise me if you told me you’d found a strange artifact while cave diving that played music that seemed from another time or place and the inscription read Rytis Gedvilas. His audio work is comprised of a long string of sound blended together in an almost spiritual landscape. Synthesizers moan out elongated chords, while bells chime and indecipherable sounds create rhythm. This is atmospheric music at its best.

 Greta Bajarčiūtė Design:




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