Evan D. Williams Band: Home Again




“I’m a pelican of the badlands, I’m a desert owl
Lone sparrow on the rooftop, vulture on the prowl
But don’t take me away
Don’t take me away
Don’t take me away yet, Lord
Don’t take me away”

The Evan D. Williams Band is a group that plays Americana and Country music dedicated to life on the road, pedal steel, and genuine lyrics. Their new record called “Home Again” came out in February on Hobby Horse Records. It was recorded in Nashville, Tn, produced, and engineered by Nick Bullock. Evan’s voice is honest as are his melodies and ideas. He sings, plays guitar and dobro on the record. Much like country tends to do, it speaks to life lived hard, love lost, worn shoes, and traveling, among other things. The music has tinny sounding rhythm guitar, pedal steel throughout, and a driving light handed beat. Back up female vocals also add to the heartfelt music. Special guests on the record include, Ed Bowman (congas), Nick Bullock (drums, electric guitar), Paul Fairbanks (banjo), Bob Hoffnar (pedal steel), Nick Jolly (trumpet), Jon Ochshorn (organ), Doug Robinson (upright bass), Skippy St. Benedict (organ), Savannah James Williams (vocals). Listen and buy below.


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