The One2’s: EP One

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The One 2’s are glorious. Brit-punk, indie rock, riot grrl, and general punk fans will love everything about this band. It’s been quite a while since I’ve heard a band in this genre that has brought a sense of vitality and originality. After thousands of bands have tried to create a “new” sound to the punk genre it became harder and harder to step aside and really do something unique. Distortion, fast snapping drum beats, and a bit of angst and scream singing can only go so far, but The One 2’s have managed to give punk new life perfectly. My love for them began with their first track off of their new EP called EP One. Wide Awake  features Leana singing with an energy straight out of a CBGB show from the 1980’s. Blondie has passed the torch on to Leana from The One2’s. Her voice is honest, heartfelt and full of piss and vinegar. Sean sings main vocals with Leana on back ups on the other songs on the EP which consists of four tracks total. Any Other Time but Now, track two, starts off with a slower different feel more reminiscent of indie rock greats such as The Strokes and Interpol, bass lines from The Pixies, and Sean’s deeper vocals similar to Urge Over Kill. None of these comparisons are quite right as the band doesn’t seem to overly draw on any of their influences. You can purchase their new EP on iTunes for under four dollars!


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