Swami Lushbeard: Where the Sheep are Lead


Swami Lushbeard is a Los Angeles band offering lush rock music with an upbeat vibe. A group of friends had a desire to do some soul-searching through art and came together in an abandoned airplane mock-up facility to do just that. Through this creation they feature Rock music’s essentials, guitar, piano, tight rhythms, and robust lead vocals. This impressive combination is the work of Don Sprouls (Philadelphia) – All guitars & vocals & backing vocals, Andre Howie (Virginia) – Bass guitar & backing vocals, Matt Sachs (Chicago) – Piano, Synth, Keyboards, Ian Michaels (Chicago) – Drums , and Danny Kopel (Los Angeles) – Keys, Accordion & backing vocals. Currently Swami Lushbeard is hosting a free download on their site of their new song “Where the Sheep Are Lead”. The song is full of life and has a strong steady pulse through out. The recording is mixed well and all parts present themselves with clarity and conviction. The keys in this track switch between sweet synth sounds and piano. The strumming guitars are distorted and heavy. The song is reminiscent of Queens of the Stone Age with Dave Grohl at the drums. Download the track here.



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