Angel Sparrow: The Fall

The Fall Cover

This album was created with the intent to capture emotion as it happens. I sat down at the piano after I had experienced many life changing experiences and needed a place to put my pain. I had survived physical and emotional trauma, loss, grief, and the woes of PTSD, Ulcerative Colitis, Pancreatitus, and Lyme Disease. After the harrowing practice of healing both physically and mentally I needed a place to put all the emotion I had stirring inside of me. I allowed the record to evolve as it happened by just sitting down with a piano and microphone. This assisted me in being able to not only immerse myself in the feelings of all that, but to also allow them to pass through me, into my music, and then completely out into the world. Once there their hold on my psyche was lessened.

None of the songs on the album were pre-written. I sat at the piano and played each piece as it happened. I moved from feelings of despair, fits of rage, hope, light, and transformation. Lyrics on this album were also laid down as they happened along with all the trumpet parts which were recorded after. I used the trumpet in the same way I used my voice; to evoke emotion and pull forth the despair I had carried around for a very long time. Though the result of this effort may not be the best works I have ever created it helped me to heal.


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