Quentin Brunel: Carry On


“Why must I carry on when you’re not around? I just can’t carry on.” Quentin Brunel writes honest and heart breaking folk music with a classic rock vibe. Quentin is working on a new EP. We are lucky to have heard track number two called “Carry On”. When “Carry On” first starts you think your about to hear a pretty straight forward folk song. It begins with just a single strummed guitar with Quentin’s vocals crooning along. The song builds slowly with drums introduced in the middle of the song along with a slide guitar. The sadness in his voice is emulated by the sorrowful guitar that changes into a mournful solo of empowerment building into a powerful sound of triumph. Though the song starts off sad and lonely the music that accompanies the heart-broken lyrics seems to answering that question. “Why must I carry on?” Well to keep playing music, surely. Check out Quentin on his facebook.


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