Sprightly Moans: Demo’s III


Sprightly Moans is a band with a deliberate and focused rock sound. It is a duo consisting of Dave Wirth (guitar) and Jeff Olson (drums). Their music has a dirty electronic feel and the name Sprightly Moans expresses that sentiment nicely. Many garage rock artists seem to be heavily influenced by big name rock and rollers but this band has a unique and interesting feel. Too often bands turn to Metallica, Nirvana, ACDC, and Black Sabbath for a well to pull up ideas. Sprightly Moans doesn’t seem to do this. Their guitars are heavily distorted and their lyrics are emotive but they express this in a dedicated way that stays true to their own inner roots. Though they have influences in Fleetwood Mac, Christopher Parkening and others, their creative foundation is original all on its own. They have released many Demo’s respectively called Demo’s I, Demo’s II, and now they have just released Demo’s III. You can listen to it on their website here.




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