Rexxy: New Wave Electronic Genius


Brooklyn electro dance pop goodness is coming at you from Brooklyn based producer and songwriter Rexxy, also known as Monica Velasquez. Don Lavis (drums, Future Screens) and Rob Arbelo (Keyboard/Guitar, Future Screens) play with Monica at live shows. The debut self titled album, released on CMI records,  was written, produced, and recorded by Velasquez. Rexxy’s music has a carefree summertime vibe just in time for a much-needed distraction from February gloom. Put a bathing suit on, turn up the heat, fill your living room with sand, and dance to the beat. Sultry female vocals that make you want to sing along glide over squatty synthesizers and live sounding drum beats.  Rexxy is a great band for those that like New Young Pony Club, Neon Indian, Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head, and other notable indie electro new wave pop genius’. You can listen to the self titled LP on iTunes and Spotify.

itunes :



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