Electrician: Wet and Ripping the Lake in Two

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Meet the mystery of Electrician. Operatically trained but dedicated to lo fi indie music, Electrician combines the mystery and sadness of the operatic stage with the frustration, anger and mystery of electronic sound. Like his contemporaries of Wolf Parade, Matthew Dear, and Mount Erie, Electrician uses guttural static to create a bed of sound that he lays his weary half sung emotive vocals with lyrics about friends, family, betrayal, and love. Guitars descend massively distorted to the point of static and chords blend into a soup of etherial noise. Electrician has released their first full length record available from their website here. It also comes as a 62 minute cassette tape and limited edition CD. If you’re interested in indie noise foil or rock I think you’ll truly enjoy this new full length. All songs on Wet and Ripping the Lake in Two were written, performed, and recorded by Neil Campau. Vocals on track 1 and 3 are by Ellen Avis, and Drums on track 3 are by Jessy Lancaster.


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