False Heads: Tunnel Vision

False Heads is an indie punk band that has been around since 2011. Members Luke Griffiths, Jake Elliott, Mop Head, Jack Hertz tip their hats to influences in the greater grunge and punk scene and have a raw edge to them that bites. Their music is straightforward and simple with a heartfelt honesty. The sound isn’t hiding behind too many effects or drowning in studio post production. Their first EP ‘Animation Draining Needles’ had a couple of great tracks that were featured on New to Q Radio’s ‘Single of the Week’, BBC stations and many other student and internet radios. Their second EP Tunnel Vision has some of the songs rerecorded and a single called “Fall Around”. It’s a soundtrack to a summer day, hot and sticky and makes you want to jump in the water to be refreshed. The minute you get out, your slammed again with the heat which is so intense you fall over and stare at the sky in a haze as exasperated vocals, distorted guitars and tightly wound drumheads slap you in the face. End.

Free Download here:



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