What a Girl Wants

This short video was submitted to us from Gangly Sister Productions called Year of the Girl Wishes. It is a stream a little girls listing out their wishes. It makes me wonder what I might have wanted as a girl and if that wish has come true. What does a girl want?

From their website:

“Gangly Sister Productions is creating its first web series, Purple and Nine, a 3D animated series for girls that encourages them to experiment, use technology, and fully express themselves in the world. We’re also creating a community of professional women to support one another and our children to grow up to be enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, and confident in our individuality.

Television would be great if it weren’t for all the programs.

We have noticed that even without the bad guys, the world has some problems.

We need some superheroes.

We want our girls respected for their smarts and strength, but we bombard them with images of women valued for their sweetness or sensuality.

If we want media that reflects who we are, who we want to be, and who we want our girls to be, we ladies are just going to have to do it ourselves.

As usual. And why not?

Introducing Purple and Nine, the fun, smart TV show for girls. No perfect body, wand, or sparkles required.”

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