Ian Marquis : Faces From The Static

Producer, arranger, guitarist, and singer Ian Marquis has come out with a new album entitled, Faces From The Static. New Wave, Electro Rock, Alternative Rock, with a bit of Acoustic and Hard Rock bring themselves to the forefront of this album. It begins with a very 80’s new wave rock electronic feel and his voice has a bit of Morrissey inspiration. The guitars are distorted and blend well with the drums in Hide in Seek, the first track on the album. The arrangements are complex but have enough space for the listener to process the many parts in each song. There is not an over abundance of sound or repetitiveness that you find in a lot of electro rock music. Some tracks on the album have a very dark Depeche Mode feel in the beginning and then change into an almost Billy Idol straight ahead rock feel such as in Help Me Make it to the Night. You never know what your going to get when you begin listening to a song. That Keeps you wanting to listen more. His lyrics are interesting and engaging. “I used to be able to see faces in everything around me. I couldn’t hide from them; my mind would create replacements in any direction I looked…when I closed my eyes I didn’t see blackness-I saw dancing static, fine as sand.” For more information check out his video, music and links below.

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