Dave Thomas Junior: The Lucky Ones


Musician Dave Thomas Junior has come out with a spectacularly crafted album called, The Lucky Ones. Released on December 5th, one track from the 12 song album has been noticed in a short film by Pro Infirmis called, Because Who is Perfect?. You may have seen the film passed around facebook recently shared from upworthy.com. The film spotlights the beauty in the disabled form by taking manikins meant for store windows and recreating a group of disabled volunteers bodies out of the manikins. They are then placed back in the store windows with all the glitz of fashionable clothes and backdrops. A truly beautiful and inspiring film needs an equally uplifting song behind it and there is where you will find Lost at Sea, track number eleven on The Lucky Ones.


The Lucky One’s is a work of art. Each track is mixed brilliantly. From beginning to end you feel as though you’re setting out on a journey. It may be trying at times, but the experience is beautiful and the view takes your breath away. Dave’s harmonies are spot on and laced through a cloud of guitar, piano, synth and drums. The Lucky One’s is acoustic indie rock at its best and is sure to make its permanent place in your musical collection. All proceeds from the sale of the song Lost at Sea will be donated to Pro Infirmis.







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