Nathan Fox: I’m All Done

Nathan Fox, native of California, has just finished his EP, I’m All Done, a six song set of singer/songwriter gritty soul meets New Orleans style accompaniment. Fox has spent a long while playing music, starting in his wee days as a lad living on the shores of southern California with piano, and moving on to play various instruments in bands in high school and then to Boston where he studied for his degree in songwriting and played bass in the NYC based band Granian. Fast forward through a few years of perfecting his songwriting skills, living in LA, writing music for film (The Tortured, Anniversary at Shallow Creek, and Seven Below) and video games and here you arrive at, I’m All Done.

In this self released EP Nathan joined forces with musicians such as Caitlin Rose (voice), Dave Roe (bass), Fred Eltringham (drums), Richard Bailey (banjo), and a variety of horn players. Engineer/producer Andrija Tokic (The Alabama Shakes, Caitlin Rose, Buffalo Clover) recorded the EP at the The Bomb Shelter Studio in Nashville. Jake Staley co-produced the EP with Fox to perfect the sound.

The sound of I’m All Done encompasses a variety of influences from folk, country, rock, dixieland and even bluesy soul. His voice is gritty at times evoking muddy waters, while staying true to his California roots in his care free finesse throughout most of his lyrical choices. One of my favorite tracks is Dr. Marten for the theme of love lost, the mournful but sprightly guitar and the horn section adding just the right melodies to the track. Another favorite is, Loosing Hope, with Caitlin Rose. The country feel and vocal duets throughout just “get you right there”. The slide guitar and banjo are also on point.

For more information and to hear the record visit Nathan’s website and sign up for his mailing list. He may be touring to a city near you in the very near future. I’m All Done is available on iTunes.

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