Limbo Cabaret – Helen


I’m not sure how to classify Limbo Cabaret, formerly, Oresteia.(The original Greek Trajedy’s may have been a bit meloncholy for them as they have changed their name to Limbo Cabaret) I don’t generally like classifying bands in the first place. Usually artists like to think of themselves as original and unlike anything that has come before, but for the listener it then becomes a chore to explain and identify common themes or sounds. In this case I think Limbo Cabaret is actually totally original but with many bands has it’s own influences and themes. The main vocalist sounds a lot like David Bowie, but in a good way. He is not making an obvious attempt to sound like him. Their arrangements are reminiscent of happy Beirut, with a more avaunt-garde traditional ska feel. They also retain a somewhat gypsy uniqueness to their music, but the saxophones and rhythms keep them quite up to date and modern. Their new video does an excellent job of capturing their sound. With the lot of them running around in suits and hats slapping each other with flowers. Their brand new release Romancing the Dead is out on Sotones Records out of the UK and is available on iTunes and Amazon.


Darrell Swainston,
Jed Carr,
Pip Borthwick,
Jamie Chilcott,
Paul Seymour,
Adam Wells,

‘Romancing The Damned’ EP released through Sotones Records OUT NOW


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