New Single from Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord has released a new single and an instrumental track on their iTunes page.  Called XP€N$IV $H1T. The beat is very different from their dub step fascination on their record, Ten$ion. The song is about Ninja rubbing his member on expensive shit.

Recently Die Antwoord was accused of being a “fake” band. Aw damn, you mean their not really crack addicted ghetto blasters? I’m so let down. The members, Ninja and Yolandi, were involved in previous performance art of their own design called Max Normal (which I also love). Some people think this means their current endeavors are “fake”. I find this ludicrous. To say that an artist can have no prior artistic vision is unrealistic and boring. Artists explore new concepts, arrive at entirely new ideas and present the world with those findings. That is THE POINT! I still ❤ them. How can you not?


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