Hee Hawk: Adam Lypsky’s Musical Perfection.


It is rare that I am damn right stupefied by someone’s creative masterpiece. It’s on occasions like these that I remember why I create, why I am amazed by creation, and why the world would be a completely sad and desolate place with out it. When we are presented with a masterpiece such as a striking painting, piece of literary genius, or the perfectly crafted song, it can take a while for it to set in that you have in fact seen a masterpiece. Something that if it was performance, may never be repeated because it was such a birth of beauty it’s duplicate may never reveal itself to you again. Once this realization sets in, about a week or two after its delivery, you become disheartened because you want the memory of it to stay with you and the farther you get from that day you fear you may loose a piece of the awe. At the same time your appreciation grows as you are reminded of what talent actually is.

One top of all that, when you are given something of that scale by one of your friends it can down right punish you for it’s perfection, because why the hell are you not making things that incredible. Then that morphs into a rush to create as much as possible before they find out your a phony. And there goes your friendship because they will probably be famous in a couple weeks and no longer have time for you. This is what happened to me when I saw Adam Lipsky’s band at the Pit Stop a couple weekends ago in Oak Bluffs, Ma. I was lucky enough to record the event and capture some of it’s majesty.

Adam Lipsky has just finished a new Jazz album Hee Hawk (both the album name and the ensemble name) full of piano, viola, guitar, bass, saxophone and the most bad ass jazz drum tempos around. Adam was responsible for the entire score and was accompanied by Nina Violet on viola, Steve Tully on saxophones, Niko Ewing on electric guitar, Max Judelson on bass, and Mike Marcinowski on drums. The album was recorded by Anthony Esposito and mastered by Scott Craggs. Not only is the album stunning to listen to and appreciate, the entire thing was recorded live, which upon my first listen would not have seemed possible from all the timing changes and intricacies.


Hee Hawk photo credit: Angel Russell

Hee Hawk’s release party did not go over smoothly, as they say, it fucking took a hold of your ankles and crawled up your body till it had hold of your head and then forced it’s delicious nectar into your ears via magical sound wave syringes.  After experiencing something like that you can’t tell if you’ve been violated or just had the most magical experience of your life. The show was even more perfect because Adam Howell was the opening act. Just one man and his guitar he played a set of original and heartfelt songs stringed together with his ludicrous finger style guitar and milky voice. At points his fingers flying so fast you could not make one from the other. Adam set the mood for the five members of the Lipsky set. Everyone was feeling tranquil and ready for more. And then . . . bam, Lipsky musical nectar syringe violation.


Adam Howell photo credit: Angel Russell

Enough said, just buy the damn record.

Aboveground Records in Edgartown, MA will be your dealer of choice. Call them now, Mike will send you one.

(508) 627-4678

Buy it online here:

Listen to them live:

copyright 2012


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