Fiona Apple: New Album and Tour

-Angel Russell

Fiona Apple has announced plans for a new tour coming up in June of 2012. It starts in Ithaca, New York on June 19th and concludes July 29th in Hollywood, CA. You can get full details from her site here. The tour is in celebration of her new album due out the same month, The Idler Wheel. I guess the big question is, will it be a mild flop, like her last record, according to Sony. Or, is she out for blood after they shelved her fourth release, Extrodinary Machine, which was only made public after leaks of the record’s MP3’s reached the ears of avid fans and they successfully demanded it’s release.

Fiona has had a small hiatus since then only recording a few songs here and there. In 2008 she recorded a duet, Still I with Christophe Deluy. In 2009 she covered Why Try to Change Me Now and I Walk A Little Faster for The Best Is Yet to Come – The Songs of Cy Coleman. In January 2010 she and Jon Brion (her producer) performed together at “Love and Haiti, Too: A Music Benefit”, a charity concert for the people hurt by the Haiti earthquake. She sang a cover of She’s Funny That Way, composed by Neil Moret, which is often associated with the singer Billie Holiday. In June 2010, “So Sleepy” was released produced by Jon Brion written by children involved with the non-profit 826LA. She also collaborated with Margaret Cho on her album Cho Dependent, which was released on August 24, 2010.

Her new record, The Idler Wheel will be her first release in 7 years much to the anticipation of her stead fast fans, (including me). She has always been a female musician to admire despite much bad press and emotional breakdowns, what artist doesn’t have those. She can play her instruments with grace and ease, writes her own songs, and seems to avoid, for the most part, appeal for sexy points. People appreciate her as a talented musician as I wish more female musicians got respect for.

Here is a live performance video of a song from the new album, “Anything We Want” from SXSW 2012.


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