Bitter:Sweet Music

-Angel Russell
Bitter:Sweet is Shana Halligan and Kiran Shahani. They both compose, Shana sings and Kiran produces. Electronic indie music with jazz and hip hop influences sum up this duo. They are pretty well known in the music industry. They were featured in the top 10 of iTunes, have appeared on various soundtracks, TV episodes, and commercials. In 2007 their album The Mating Game won The 6th Annual Independent Music Awards for Best Pop/Rock Album. Interesting I only found out about them today. They remind me a bit of the new music coming out of New Zealand with an American and UK indie feel. In 2008 they released Drama and the song, The Bomb received much airplay and use in a video game. In 2010 they broke up and released the appropriately titled The Break Up EP. You can find their music on iTunes.


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