Barren Waste: Sound Scapes for the Apocalypse

-Angel Russell

Barren Waste has a three song album with each song about 15 minutes in length. This music is sure to grab the attention of experimental music junkies and noise fans. Sounds wash over you in long sequences interspersed with bells, trinkets, and high pitched noise makers. Guitars appear that seem never to have begun and play tones that seem never to end. Crashes and clanks, drones and rusty wheels, this appears to be music made by the undead. With song titles like; Feel like dying, Crippling notes, and Dialogues in filth , I might not be far off. Who knows maybe a ghost sent it to me because only a link appeared in my inbox. oOoooOOoOoOoOh!

You can check out the album by Barren Waste called, For Who here. I’d also recommend checking out their other work while there.


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