Space Crusader: Extradimensional Existence

A new album by Space Crusader came out today. Extradimensional Existence is a 15 track journey into the mind of the musical gladiator, Andrew Valenti. Also of Martha’s Vineyard rock band, The Loogies, featured in Sergeant Sparrow Magazine Issue four. This is Andrew’s solo project. It was mastered by Anthony Esposito.

The album starts with song “Space” a sound scape that prepares you for the rest of the album. Forty seconds of various sounds wash over you as you descend into the extradimensional existence of Valenti’s mind. His solo music is a combination of experimental song structure, vast instrumentation, supreme guitar playing, and haunting vocals. Song three “Now You’re in Space” contains all three captured perfectly. The next song “Night Rise” delves into more of a rock feel complete with straight ahead drums and guitar strumming, but never far are his disquieted brawny vocals and experimental sounds. Song five “Don’t Eat Me In My Sleep” brings it around again much in the way of Sonic Youth with it’s solid rhythms eclectic formation from a deconstructed beginning and end with a climactic middle complete with screams and distorted guitars. After what seems like an album climax song six “Going Gold” convinces you he isn’t done yet and demands yet more of your attention. It has splendid instrumentation, noise and a sparse grandeur. Every song is better than the last and is an attribute to Andrew’s skill as a composer and proof of his musical originality. Well done Andrew! You can download the album in it’s entirety here:


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