Kodacrome New Release: Perla EP

It’s official, the long awaited release of the Perla EP by Kodacrome happens today and is available both as a download and vinyl here. The Limited edition 10″ Vinyl is hand numbered, 110gram 33rpm 10″ from Pirates Press. Get yours before they sell out!

Kodacrome is: Phil Da Rosa, Elissa Pociask and Ryan Casey. Their first EP is a six-song album of glorious synth, guitar and a power house of vocals all held together by their quality songwriting. Don’t let their location fool you, based out of Martha’s Vineyard (a small island off the cape of Massachusetts) their sound is anything but sleepy little island folk songs. They are minimal to be sure but embrace the future of music wholeheartedly. They employ straight ahead beats, synth melodies and distorted guitar to their most perfect use, sparse but placed in the exact part of a song to which they belong. There is no need to fill their tracks full of technology and erratic synthesizers and beats, even though they aren’t afraid of using even iPhone apps in the creation of their sound.

The Perla EP is pretty stupendous. It’s every hip kids wet dream yet reaches out to a wider audience easily. There is much in the way of synthesizers, guitar picking, strumming, and a foxy female lead singer in Elissa Pociask. Her voice is sultry, perfectly on key and powerful in it’s honesty. There no need to hide behind false falsetto or glorious soul solos. Her voice is spot on, just like the rest of Kodacrome’s members musical talents. This may be their first release but they sound like industry familiars. I’m sure this EP is but a glimpse of the excellence Kodacrome has to come.


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