Brian Pampaselle also known as undocument is an Electronic / Hip-Hop artist and producer from Long Beach, California. His debut album, For Lovers, Dreamers & Non-Believers, was recently released March 15th, 2012. The title track, A Flood of Ghosts (below), is a complex array of symphony samples, beats, noise, and low pitched reversed vocals. This combination creates an earthy and dream like atmosphere much in the way of Air, or Explosions in the Sky. It’s not overly dramatic, over-mixed, or too repetitive like much electronic music can be. It has a great fluidity throughout.

Brian spent much time playing bass and guitar for other musicians in the past and his days engineering other musical works. He is finally setting out to create and master his own sound with For Lovers. It is available for sale at http://www.undocumentmusic.com, as well as iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp and select record stores throughout the country. It consists of nine songs; -As Always, With Affection-, Far From Homesick, A Flood Of Ghosts, Instructions On Letting Go, Someone’s Love, Partially Yours, Murmuring, Thrush, and The Year Of Breaking Up. His influence throughout is the story of a modern love. Even though lyrics never appear in this instrumental album, you can sense the wonder and heartache.




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