The Sons

The Sons are a group from the UK, Derby to be exact. Their record, The Prime Words Committee, has thirteen songs of excellent British Indie Pop. Their songs have an upbeat tempo and a lush layering of instrumentation and vocal harmonies. Guitar styles range from finger picking elegance to distorted and even slide. Their percussive elements include a full set to a little conga here and there. There’s even a bit of Elton John piano influence thrown in and an accordion! Their lyricism is poignant and relevant with both a societal and internal viewpoint. Although you don’t need to be a political science major to enjoy it. Prime Words is a great record to throw on your iPod and ride around town. It’s got the perfect vibe for coming out of winter with a hopeful perspective towards renewing spring.

Where are you located/from?
We’re located in Derby, one of the UK’s most average cities. Right in the middle of the country, it’s neither North or South, East or West.

How does your location effect your creativity?
It doesn’t really. Derby isn’t a particularly inspiring city but it does have a good scene of local musicians and some good venues. Maybe being amongst the mundane inspires us to look for something AMAZING. Or maybe not.

Can you give the names of your band members and instruments played?
Lee Blades is the bass player, he owns a Corgi and has a forklift truck license.
Stewart English plays the guitar and writes some of the songs. He can’t drive yet.
Paul Herron writes and sings most of the songs and plays guitar and piano. His laptop only works when you ram a bit of cardboard between the screen and the keyboard
Steven Herron plays keyboards and guitar and writes some songs too. He recently got a tattoo of a banana with the words “You’ve gotta laugh” around them
Roger Millichamp is the drummer. Yes, that is his real name!

How do you work together to create your sound?
Sometimes whoever writes the song will do a demo at home and bring it to the band to work out parts and arrangements in our rehearsal room. Sometimes we mess about together in our rehearsal space, mostly it’s just terrible in-jokes, but occasionally the 5 of us become more than the sum of our musical parts. This is how “Better Days” came about.

Where did you get your name?
From a list that included “Ring Peace” and “Yes, Yes, Give Me Your Jam Jars”. It was the least worst option.

How did you record your album? Was it difficult at times?
It was time consuming rather than difficult. Apart from Lee who spent most of his time in the studio catching up on his sleep. You can see actual footage of us enjoying ourselves in the studio on the video for “Two Minds” and “Slow Down“.

What’s next?
That thing… what’s it called?? oh yeah…. success.
In the meantime we finish our series of 14 podcasts in two weeks, our next single “Scientists” is released worldwide on 6th of April and two days later we start our European tour in Paris

You can buy their new record here.
Visit The Sons website and facebook.


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